Privacy Policy

Who We Are

McGee Wealth Management, Inc. (“MWM”) is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor; it is a privately held corporation registered in the State of Oregon.

Type of Information Collected

MWM obtains non-public personal information from you and other sources with your authorization. The purpose of this information is to allow us to collect the data necessary to provide financial planning and other services, in addition to establishing accounts with various financial institutions and insurance companies as directed by you. The information collected can be categorized in one of three ways:
1. Information received from questionnaires, applications, or other forms. This information may be obtained in written, electronic, or verbal form. It could include your name, address, tax identification number, date of birth, general investment history, investment policy, bank information, asset information (both liquid and illiquid), tax status, and other information as needed to complete forms and applications.
2. Information relating to your investment transactions, history, and accounts. This information includes communications with companies where you may hold accounts currently or in the past.
3. Other general information.

In order to establish and service the accounts of our customers, we may share non-public personal information under the circumstances below:

Within McGee Wealth Management
MWM works as a close-knit organization with all members of the staff servicing customer accounts in one capacity or another. Non-public personal information is provided to employees as needed to service our customers.

Outside McGee Wealth Management
Non-public personal information is shared with third-party companies only as permitted by law. Examples of third parties to whom we may disclose non-public personal information are below. These examples are not intended to cover every situation allowed by law, but provide an understanding of to whom and what non-public information is disclosed.
1. Companies with whom we work with to provide services to our customers. This may include: custodians or other service providers of interest to you and/or with whom you have, accounts or have had accounts with.
2. With a party representing you, such as another investment representative, attorney, tax professional, mortgage broker, or other third parties at your direction and/or consent. Additionally, those with a fiduciary responsibility in relation to you or your accounts are provided information as permitted by law and requested.
3. When required or permitted by law, as in response to a subpoena or other legal process. In the future, nonpublic personal information may also be disclosed to companies whom we contract to provide services or process transactions on our behalf. This may include mailing statements, processing checks, or providing online account information. If this occurs we will ensure that the outside companies with whom we do business with are under contractual obligation to protect the confidentially of your information and use it only in accordance with the service they are providing at our request.
4. Government or Non-Government regulatory agencies (ie: SEC, FINRA, State of Oregon, Certified Financial Planner Board, Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. or other direct custodian) as required for routine audits or other regulatory/supervisory inquiries. Notice: As a result of public scrutiny of the SEC in regards to their ability to identify fraudulent activities alleged by investment advisors, hedge funds, brokers, etc., there is a new initiative by the SEC to uncover potential fraudulent activities in the securities industry. The SEC has indicated that during routine audits of Registered Investment Advisors, the SEC may contact clients by letter or phone in order to verify account balances and transactions. We understand they will not ask for personal information such as social security numbers. We applaud the SEC in their efforts to combat fraud in our industry and to protect clients’ interests. Due to public knowledge of this intent by the SEC to contact individuals, it has the potential for unscrupulous persons to try and obtain your personal information by impersonating the SEC or other regulatory agency. If you are contacted by the SEC, FINRA, State of Oregon, etc., we encourage you to cooperate. If you are unsure the caller is who they claim to be, get their information and set up a time to call them back. It is prudent to verify that the inquiry is legitimate and coming from the appropriate agency before providing personal information. Our office will let you know if we are involved in an audit/inquiry. We will also provide contact information for the SEC or other regulatory agency.

Former Customers’ Information

Due to industry regulations, we are required to retain records for a period of years after the end of our business relationship. However, as with current customers, this information is not disclosed to third parties, except as permitted by law and outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Confidentiality and Security

McGee Wealth Management requires all employees to follow procedures with respect to maintaining the confidentiality of our customers’ non-public personal information. Additionally, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect all information. We continually evaluate and improve our systems to protect this information.

Opt Out Rights and Procedures

You may contact us at (800) 777-9062 or (503) 597-2222 to discuss this information in more detail or to request that we do not release non-public personal information to optional third parties. Please be aware that the “Opt Out” provisions do not apply to disclosure of all information or to third parties where we have contractual obligations. Additionally, we will not revise our Policy to permit the sharing of non-public personal information other than described unless we first notify you and provide you with the opportunity to prevent the sharing of information.

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