Linette Dobbins Discusses Tax Reform in the Portland Business Journal

May 13, 2018

Linette Dobbins, CFP® recently partook in a roundtable discussion with two other thought leaders in the local community. The discussion focused on the tax changes imposed by the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

“The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act delivered dozens of new rules for businesses, fewer opportunities for individuals to claim deductions, and significant tax rate reductions, to name just a few provisions. No doubt, there is a lot to digest. To help break down how the new Tax Act affects you and your business, the Portland Business Journal assembled expert Thought Leaders with years of experience and knowledge about the tax industry.”

Read the full transcript here.

This information has been obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Please note, changes in tax laws may occur at any time and could have a substantial impact upon each person’s situation. While we are familiar with the tax provisions of the issues presented herein, as Financial Advisors of RJFS, we are not qualified to render advice on tax matters. You should discuss tax matters with the appropriate professional. McGee Wealth Management and Raymond James is not affiliated with DiLorenzo and Company or Tonkon Torp, LLC.

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